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Ultra One uses breakthrough biofriendly technology and innovative practices to create products that are reliable and versatile with unparalleled convenience and user safety.   Ultra One provides a range of products that fully meet the needs of various consumers and sectors.



Ultra One products are completely free of harmful chemicals, fumes and dyes.  They are 100% safe and extremely effective for multi-purpose use in homes including kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms, outdoor decks, patios, garage, etc.  These products are tough enough to clean the greasiest surfaces of ovens and grills and yet gentle enough to sanitize toys, infant / toddler car seats and high chairs.  Proprietary safe formula is perfect for cleaning all types of surfaces, fabrics, carpets, metals and even leather.




Through personal choice, pressure from clients and increasing government regulations, many janitorial companies have begun using environmentally safe cleaners in their day to day operations.  Ultra One products provide janitorial and facilities management industry an edge over competition through superior performance, lower costs, time-efficiency and 100% safety for humans and environment




Restaurant and hospitality industry face tremendous challenges to effectively clean bacteria ridden surfaces, and at the same time prevent harmful chemicals in traditional cleaning products to enter the food.  Ultra One products easily solve this problem because they do not contain any harmful chemicals and are 100% safe to use on all kitchen equipment / appliances, and cooking and dining surfaces.




Whether it is bedrooms or bathrooms or common guest areas, Ultra One’s time-tested and trusted wide range of products handle all cleaning needs without the ill effects of traditional cleaning products.  Greater usage and occupancy increases soil, grime and germs, but these biofriendly and biodegradable products create perfectly clean surfaces and environment for the guests, enhancing their “stay” experience. 




Students and academic staff spend most of their time inside buildings and their performance and health are significantly impacted by overall cleanliness of their environment.  Ultra One products not only thoroughly clean and sanitize, but also prevent spread of germs, allergies and infections.  Unlike traditional cleaning products, Ultra One products cause no harm when inhaled or exposed to the skin. 




Recreational facilities like bounce houses, arcades, movie theaters, amusement / waterparks, etc. need multiple cleaning / sanitizing sessions during hours of operations because of high traffic and usage.  Ultra One offers a wide range of biofriendly products including all-purpose cleaner, degreaser / descaler, carpet / upholstery cleaner, etc. to serve varied needs of these facilities. 




Gyms and Health Clubs are also high traffic areas with great need for multiple cleaning / sanitizing sessions during hours of operations.  Ultra One products are extremely effective in sanitizing and deodorizing all types of surfaces including exercise equipment, exercise mats, aquatics area and equipment, bathrooms, floor, carpets, etc.  A perfectly clean gym retains existing members and invites new ones to join. 




Ultra One’s powerful eco-friendly products provide safer, cleaner and healthier environment to the elderly and sick in retirement and nursing homes.  Ultra One products effectively clean, sanitize and deodorize, without releasing hazardous chemicals, fumes, dyes or causing harm when inhaled or exposed to the skin.  These products also prevent spread of allergies, germs and infections.  These benefits are extremely important, especially for the elderly who are sick and / or have weak immune system. 




From extremely tough grime under the hood and on the wheels to fabric and leather seats inside, Ultra One’s versatile eco-friendly products clean and sanitize in one easy step.  100% safe on all parts of the vehicles including plastic, metal, rubber, fabrics, leather, etc., these products effectively deodorize the interiors without damaging the surface or releasing hazardous and dangerous chemicals in the air.  Extremely effective yet gentle on infant / toddler car seats as well. 




Ultra One’s breakthrough formula attacks complex carbon molecules in machinery and fittings, and emulsifies organic matter without causing any damage to the machinery itself.  The environmentally safe products keep machinery properly degreased and clean, and prevent breakdowns in the assembly line and production.  Ultra One aspires to be a leader in the commercial and industrial cleaning business by meeting the growing industry demand for eco-friendly and sustainable products. 


  • “I use Ultra ONE on all surfaces.  It has replaced about five to six products previously used and works great.  I would recommend Ultra ONE for companies and homes, it is good for everything.”

    Beachview Bar
  • “Ultra One, without any scrubbing, dissolved the sticky oil residue while Simple Green seemed to have no effect on it.  Secondly, Simple Green gives off harsh vapor that causes your lungs to burn when inhaled and with Ultra One, I had no such effect.  As far as I’m concerned, we are done with Simple Green and we are replacing it with Ultra One Heavy Duty Degreaser.” 

    Sean Bradley, SIGN Fracture Care International
  • “I tried Ultra One Heavy Duty Degreaser.   I was very impressed with its ability to clean equal to spray 9 in all the difficult areas.  After trying Ultra One Heavy Duty Degreaser in various cleaning situations, I have to say that in my opinion it is a better cleaner.”

    Tony Saliba, Sony Aviation
  • “Ultra ONE has simplified day to day cleaning and made it effective.  The climbing mats are really difficult to clean.  But Ultra ONE takes the grease right out and makes them look brand new.”

    Rock Jungle
  • The Original Shark Tank Star – Kevin Harrington, endorses Ultra ONE products on As Seen On TV. 

    As Seen On TV
  • “Ultra ONE is the best product we have ever seen.  It has taken off years of filth, barely requires scrubbing and makes everything look band new.  The cleaning staff loves Ultra ONE, it helps them do twice the cleaning work.”

    WEM Water Park
  • “We are amazed at the results of Ultra One Heavy Duty Cleaner / Degreaser.  My technicians can hardly believe how well it works.  We have since replaced our glass cleaner, degreaser, toilet bowl cleaner, bathroom cleaner and tile floor cleaner.

    Sharon Grammer, Scrubily

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