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Ultra One carries a full range of cleaning products to suit all your cleaning tasks particularly those that have failed while using other cleaners. We are confident that we have the best products for all your household, yard and garage cleaning needs.

Ultra One All Purpose Cleaner

Ready to Use:
Best for cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing – kitchen including counter-tops, appliances, sink, floor, etc.; bathrooms including toilet, shower, bathtub, sink, mirror, faucets, floor, etc.; children’s toys, car seat, high chair, stroller, etc.; car’s interior and exterior; and many more.

Ultra One All Purpose Cleaner is a safe, bio-friendly, non-toxic and non-abrasive formula that easily and completely cleans dirt, stains, residues and grime from a variety of surfaces indoors and outdoors.  It is strong enough for heavy cleaning tasks such as bathtubs, stove-tops, patio furniture and bikes, and yet gentle enough for cleaning and sanitizing children’s strollers, car seats and toys.  It also removes dirt, fingerprints and smudges from glass, mirrors and other reflective surfaces without leaving behind streaks or smears.

Ultra One Heavy Duty Cleaner / Degreaser

Perfect for Tough Stains and Heavy Soils: 
The concentrated formula can either be used directly on the toughest of soils, or easily and economically diluted for residential, office and building cleaning including kitchens, bathrooms, break rooms, offices and work floors.  

Ultra One Cleaner / Degreaser is a 100% safe alternative to toxic and harmful cleaners, bleaches, descalers and solvents to cut through tough dirt, grease, oils & food residue.  It easily removes the stubbornest of stains including coffee and juice spills, lipstick marks, adhesives residues, pet soils, etc.  It also effectively dissolves lime scale, mineral deposits, hard water stains and soap scum, and prevents further formation / deposition.  The biofriendly and biodegradable concentrated formula is extremely effective on all water-safe surfaces.

Ultra One G – 5 Gel

Gel Mix:
G-5 is a thicker version of Heavy Duty but stronger than All Purpose. Best for heavy stains, oil or grease spills or stains, mold, car wheel rims, barbeques, concrete garage floors, stove tops, pet stains, furniture stains.

Ultra One G-5 is manufactured in a natural gel formula product, specifically designed to stay in contact longer with stubborn stains and dirt. Wet the surface with warm water, spray G-5 on the stain evenly and let it sit for as long as you want. The gel formula means that Ultra One G-5 adheres better to the dirty surface and works harder to break it down. 

Ultra One Carpet Cleaner

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner:
Ultra One Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner is free of bleach and petroleum distillates, commonly found in other cleaners, and provides residue-free cleaning and deodorizing of carpets, rugs and upholstery in homes, offices, classrooms, showrooms, hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. 


Ultra One’s biofriendly and safe formula uses organic surfactants instead of dangerous harsh chemicals.  It thoroughly removes grime and stains from all water-safe fabrics and leaves them looking fresh and bright. The free and clear formula does not contain any dyes, fragrances and optical brighteners.  It is 100% safe to use on upholstery and leather too. 

Ultra One Pressure Washer

Heavy Duty Pressure Washer:
Ultra One Heavy Duty Pressure Washer is specially formulated to remove tough grease and grime deposits from a variety of non-porous surfaces.  It also effectively dissolves lime scale, mineral deposits, hard water stains and oxidation, and prevents further formation / deposition.  Perfect for pressure washing house sidings, decks, fences, driveways, cars, bikes, boats, and more.   


Ultra One Heavy Duty Pressure Washer can be used manually or with pressure washing equipment to remove oils, grease, soot and ash, exhaust, sap, pollen, stains caused by mold and mildew, road tar, and other tough soils.  The non-toxic and biodegradable formula is 100% safe for lawns, plants, shrubs, flower beds and pressure washing equipment alike.  Concentrated formula can be easily and economically diluted for various soil levels.  Ultra One Heavy Duty Pressure Washer has multi-purpose uses.

Ultra One Glass Cleaner

Smudge and Streak-Free Formula:
Ultra One Glass Cleaner is is 100% free of harmful chemicals and fumes and provides streak-free cleaning of all water-safe reflective surfaces.  Unlike other cleaners, Ultra One Glass Cleaner’s extra strong wetting agent lifts soils without leaving behind soapy residues that require extra effort to clean.


Ultra One’s biofriendly and safe formula uses organic surfactants instead of dangerous harsh chemicals.  The Cleaner easily and quickly removes dirt, air pollution, fingerprints and smudges from glass, fiberglass, porcelain, plastic and other reflective surfaces without leaving behind streaks, smudges or smears.  Easy and ready-to-use formula requires no mixing or dilution.

Ultra One Bathroom Cleaner

Clean, Sanitize and Deodorize:
Ultra One Bathroom Cleaner is a perfect one-stop-solution for all cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing needs in the bathroom including bathtubs, showers, toilets, sinks, counter-tops and floors. 


The Bathroom Cleaner is 100% naturally sourced, non-toxic and non-abrasive.  It is free of harmful and harsh chemicals, fumes, dyes, colors, and other allergens and irritants.  Unlike other cleaners, it does not contain ammonia, bleach or alcohol, making it a much safer option.  It is safe and effective on all water-safe surfaces including granite, marble, tile, etc.

  • “I tried Ultra One Heavy Duty Degreaser.   I was very impressed with its ability to clean equal to spray 9 in all the difficult areas.  After trying Ultra One Heavy Duty Degreaser in various cleaning situations, I have to say that in my opinion it is a better cleaner.”

    Tony Saliba, Sony Aviation
  • “Ultra ONE is the best product we have ever seen.  It has taken off years of filth, barely requires scrubbing and makes everything look band new.  The cleaning staff loves Ultra ONE, it helps them do twice the cleaning work.”

    WEM Water Park
  • “We are amazed at the results of Ultra One Heavy Duty Cleaner / Degreaser.  My technicians can hardly believe how well it works.  We have since replaced our glass cleaner, degreaser, toilet bowl cleaner, bathroom cleaner and tile floor cleaner.

    Sharon Grammer, Scrubily
  • “I use Ultra ONE on all surfaces.  It has replaced about five to six products previously used and works great.  I would recommend Ultra ONE for companies and homes, it is good for everything.”

    Beachview Bar
  • “Ultra ONE has simplified day to day cleaning and made it effective.  The climbing mats are really difficult to clean.  But Ultra ONE takes the grease right out and makes them look brand new.”

    Rock Jungle
  • The Original Shark Tank Star – Kevin Harrington, endorses Ultra ONE products on As Seen On TV. 

    As Seen On TV
  • “Ultra One, without any scrubbing, dissolved the sticky oil residue while Simple Green seemed to have no effect on it.  Secondly, Simple Green gives off harsh vapor that causes your lungs to burn when inhaled and with Ultra One, I had no such effect.  As far as I’m concerned, we are done with Simple Green and we are replacing it with Ultra One Heavy Duty Degreaser.” 

    Sean Bradley, SIGN Fracture Care International

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